Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow-it's been a long time!

I guess you need to click on the pics for the larger versions. The blog doesn't display the whole thing.

It's been a long time and a long road but we are back baby!! After being disappointed that nowhere in the 2009 schedule was the LeMons coming within 1100 miles of Denver, we applied and were accepted to the Houston Gator-O-Rama LeMons race on February 28th - March 1st. Since we were accepted on December 22nd it has been a mad dash to get the car prepped and ready for the race.

We have a majority of the required parts installed as of this week. The roll cage was installed with the help of a few friends over the weekend so I snapped some pics:

More updates to follow. This weekend is sure to bring more items to be crossed off the list.