Monday, February 11, 2008


She runs! We got her running this past weekend. A few squirts of Marvel Mystery Oil in the spark plug holes to lube up the apex seals, installed the battery and she fired right up. She started pouring smoke almost instantly out of the tailpipe. I thought it needed to burn off the oil residue and the 4+ years of crap from sitting for so long, so we waited, and waited, and waited some more. The smoke never stopped.

I must have killed 50 penguins and raised the global temperature by at least 1 degree while trying to get this thing to stop smoking. Eventually we found that the fuel pump was just pumping massive amounts of fuel past the floats and into the motor. We took a compression test and the engine seems to be within reasonable compression so I think we are going to run this thing.

First project will be to get the ignition switch rewired, the included key didn't start the car, I had to tear into the column and use a screwdriver. The second project is to rebuild that carb so we can drive this thing around.

Stay tuned!

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