Sunday, February 24, 2008

Starting to look more like a race car

I was able to spend a good 1/2 day working on getting the car ready for it's upcoming transformation. First off, I got it started again, which proved to be quite a difficult task. Every time the car is turned on the fuel pump pumps so much into the carb that it floods the engine almost instantly. After about 13 times of pulling the plugs, cleaning them, blowing the excess fuel out of the motor and reinstalling the plugs I finally got her started again. Made a few trips around the property as best I could just to see the condition of things, and everything seems to check out. Clutch works, brakes work (but are grabby), transmission seems to shift smoothly, but no major problems to report.

After the joy ride I decided to get rid of the interior. It was trashed from 4+ years outside with the window down and since this thing is destined to become a race car before it is turned into a paperweight I figured "what the hell!" and tore into it. A few hours later the beast was stripped of all her belongings. Passenger seat...gone, plastic trim pieces and carpet...gone, half the dash...gone with a little help from Mr. Hacksaw. All told I bet I took out 200lbs from this little guy. Heater core, blower motor, all the HVAC stuff is gone. What we have left is a race chassis with a torn up drivers seat installed so we can move it around. I didn't knock the glass out of it cause I figured it's still February here in Colorado and I'd rather not have to shovel the *inside* of the car.

The carb is really starting to hold us up. The car isn't really mobile at this point so we can't get it on a lift and check things like brakes, transmission fluid, and suspension parts. But that will soon change as the carb should be here by the middle of March.

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