Saturday, February 7, 2009

Check one two, testing, testing!!

Yesterday we had a great opportunity to head out to IMI, a karting track by Erie, and run the Lemons car for a few hours. I have to be honest, I was about85% sure that SOMETHING was going to break during testing. This car is 29 years old and hasn't been in running form for at least 5 years and we were about to take it out to a track and flog it repeatedly.

I'm happry to report, however, that nothing notable went wrong during the testing session. The car ran well, the suspension worked to the best of it's 29 year old ability, and the car ran a rock steady temerature at 180-185 degrees. Our main concern with this car was overheating and it looks like we have done enough to adress that issue sufficently.

Next up, Sunday we head to a much larger and faster track for what will probably end up being our last chance to shakedown the car before the big trip. Fingers crossed that everything survives.

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