Sunday, February 15, 2009

New bits and a 45 minute paintjob

Some in car video from the testing sessions. Nothing very interesting happens, but you can see my terrible hand position on the wheel compared to Jeff, and the wiring harness from the dash floating in the air every time the car goes into a hard left hand turn. Also have a look at the shifter moving all over the place when it's supposedly "in gear".

So the motor blew up on Sunday while testing at CSP. Jeff pulled the car into the pits about 10 laps into the 3rd session of the day and the car was only firing on one rotor. We pulled the plugs and found zero compression on the rear rotor. Cause of failure is still under investigation.

So we did what any all-American patriots who love their country would do...load that beeotch on the trailer and go home to pull the motor out.

2hrs and 45 minutes after the engine failure:

By last Wedsnday we had both motors out and were preparing for the install.

Motor out of both:

Today we finished the install of the good motor and tranny, got her buttoned up and took it out for a trial run.

The new motor flyby, top of 4th gear:

We got done with the install and testing a bit early so we decided to prep the car for it's Delorean paint job.

Prep for paint:

Sanded...8 minutes later:

Painted...maybe 15 minutes after sanding:

Another productive weekend! In two weeks from this post the race will be over and we will find out how the little time machine did.

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